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The partnering affiliate for CLEARCorps/Detroit ( is the South Eastern Michigan Health Association, CLEARCorps/Detroit is a city wide program dedicated to protecting Detroit’s children from lead poisoning. CLEARCorps /Detroit was established in 1999 in one targeted neighborhood and in January 2000 expanded citywide.

The goal of CLEARCorps/Detroit is to empower community residents to keep their children and their community lead-safe. As such, CLEARCorps /Detroit places a heavy emphasis on creating partnerships with the families served to assure that lead prevention skills are learned and a commitment is in place to continue to keep the family safe.

CLEARCorps/Detroit conducts community awareness and outreach as well as lead hazard control activities. We offer many services that protect children from lead poisoning. Our primary service is providing FREE lead specific cleanings and minor window repairs to decrease lead hazards in the home. At this visit, we also educate caregivers about how to protect their families from lead poisoning and give them appropriate cleaning supplies and instructions on how to clean up lead dust.

In addition, CLEARCorps/Detroit:

Leads community workshops and educational presentations tailored to the audience’s needs, including an Elmo presentation for preschoolers.

Conducts dust samplings and risk assessments, as well as construction management for lead safe renovations of older buildings.

Is a resource for loans and grants for property owners to make the homes or units they own lead safe.

Since its inception in 1999, CLEARCorps/Detroit has:

  • Worked one-on-one with families in over 1000 homes; providing education and lead hazard reduction services.
  • Reached over 1 million area residents with crucial lead poisoning prevention information via direct outreach, health forums, and media.
  • Made 500 homes safer, conducting interim controls and supercleans, and working with families to empower them with lead poisoning prevention strategies and resources.
  • Made an additional 50 homes lead safe, by removing all lead hazards.
  • Trained over 100 Detroit citizens, landlords, contractors, and human service providers in Lead Safe Work Practices.
  • Helped to create six new state laws to prevent or correct lead poisoning.
  • Received the Detroit City Council Spirit of Detroit award and a Certificate of Merit from the Michigan Legislature.     

Please contact us directly to inquire about our activities and to learn more about our work and eligibility for services

Contact CLEARCorps/Detroit

11148 Harper
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 924-4000 phone
(313 924-4003 fax

Mary Sue Schottenfels, Executive Director
mss [at] clearcorpsdetroit [dot] org

Tameira Crumb Smith, Field Coordinator
mcs [at] clearcorpsdetroit [dot] org

Paul Kelly, Construction Manager/Risk Assessor
pk [at] clearcorpsdetroit [dot] org