Durham, North Carolina

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CLEARCorps/Durham, NC

The ClearCorps/Durham affiliate organization is the Partnership Effort for the Advancement of Children’s Health, known as PEACH. PEACH began in 1996 as essentially a one-person operation headed by Lenora Smith. Over the years Lenora and PEACH have worked tirelessly to bring the issue of childhood lead poisoning to the attention of community leaders and families in the community in which it focuses its attention. In 2004, PEACH became a CLEARCorps site, which has given it the use of 2-3 AmeriCorps volunteers each year.

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Ted Parrish, Executive Director

800 N Mangum Street

Durham, NC 27701-2260

Phone: (919) 682-1300

Fax: (919) 683-1389

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